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Legacy Evolution Titan Decepticon Nemesis


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The first female titan and she is bad to the bone! Nemesis goes from the classic Decepticon warship to a lanky and spiky titan full of surprises.

Nemesis has a battle mask gimmick where the ornaments around her face close to form a Decepticon sigil battlemask.
The side wings open to form the shins but can be removed to form a set of pistol-like blasters. The ship features black seeker miniatures and 3 deployable ramps, 2 at the sides and one at the rear below the thrusters.The ramps are able to connect to AIRLock connectors, like Titan Scorponok, Titan Omega Supreme or many of the Earthrise battlemasters and modulators.
The small set of fins at the front can also be removed to work like hatchets.

Accesories: 2 wings/blasters, 2 fins/hatchets, Seekers miniatures.
Height: About 66 cm or 26 inches if we count the shoulder spikes.

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