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Legacy Evolution Commander Armada Optimus Prime ETA SEPTEMBER


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The contender for Transformers toy of the year!. Armada Optimus is faithfully recreated with his imposing trailer and a very improved super mode.

He features a removable Autobot Matrix inside the chest and the smokestacks can be removed and combined with the big blaster.
The trailer also becomes a base and very articulated pants for his combined super mode.
The golden bordered insignia on his truck roof/super mode chest is removable to reveal a port for a possible future Jetfire combination. It should be where the Jetfire shield plugs in.
The old Armada Overload mold from 2003 is sort of compatible with it. The super mode has a slot on the back to plug Overload in.

The Super mode head has YELLOW EYES, to paint them RED like in the show just unscrew the head from the back and paint the eyes without problems. It’s super easy!

Accessories: 2 Smokestack Guns, 1 Ion Blaster, Autobot Matrix, Golden border Autobot insignia (removes to reveal a 5mm port), Trailer

Height: Normal robot about 18cm, combined super mode about 26cm

Full display images courtesy of the TFWIki

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